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Single Engine Aircraft China

These aircraft were photographed in April 2008 at the China Aviation Museum in Beijing. I put them at this website to correct the impression in some Chinese circles that no one ever flew single engine aircraft in China until Mr Wei arrived in 2011.

All photos were taken by me, Michael Shaw

Beaver in Chinese Colours

deHavallind Beaver in Chinese Colours, China Aviation Museum, Beijing

UAS in China

LS-1 UAS, China Aviation Museum, Beijing

Lenin Plane: 1st aircraft of the red army Captured from Korea in Feb 1930

Rosamonde I Plane: Biplane trainer made in Guangzhou China 1923.

Some had no engine...Jeifang-9 two seat Glider made by the Shenyang Glider Factory 1977

Nanjing CJ6?

Nanjing CJ6, China Aviation Museum, Beijing

PT-19A Trainer

Tachikawa 99 Advanced Trainer use to train PLA pilots in Northeast China

I didnít record what this single engine ultralight is?

Copy of Bell 47 made in China by Harbin Helicopter Company 1970. Not put in production.

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