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We are the Shaws of Vars

Been there, done that!

We have been on every continent except Antarctica. We enjoyed all places, but are always happy to come home to Canada.


People always ask what was your favourite place? Honestly, it is really hard to answer that question. Some places we liked less than others, often because of the treatment of westerners, Egypt and Brazil were of note in this regard. Despite the poverty in  Sub Saharan Africa and India, people there were friendly and kind. This was also true of China.


We found Italian children were unruly in restaurants and public places. The beer and wine and food was great. We stayed in a villa in the hills around Luca.


We have been on 5 cruises. The shortest was about 3 or 4 days on the Nile, it was part of a tour by GAP (no G Adventures). The longest was on the Queen Mary 2 from New York to Cape Town, via Florida, Barbados, Brazil, Uraquay and Tristan Da Cunha. That was 23 days. Of special note was Holland America to Alaska. We saw whales bubble feeding and receding glaciers, amazing.